What kind of clothes do people wear in Kerala.

People have begun to wear western clothing such as shirts, jeans, skirts, dresses, and other items, similar to the rest of India. However, whether a religious ceremony, a wedding, or any other celebration is held, they ensure that customs are observed and that only Kerala traditional dress is worn. Keralites have managed to keep their culture alive.

When Do People Dress in Traditional Clothes?

When it comes to weddings, the majority of individuals dress up in the traditional dress of Kerala.

Kerala is also known for its festivities, such as Onam and Vishu, hence it is worn on these occasions.

Birthday celebration or wedding celebration

So those were the many Kerala dress styles for men and women. Every form of wearing reflects Kerala’s diverse culture.

Kerala traditional attire for men

Kerala is a state rich in culture, religion, and history. Kerala’s culture is well-known not only in India but throughout the world. Kerala costumes are now recognized as a symbol of the state’s people’s basic way of life. In each religion men and women have their own traditional attire, decorations, and haircuts in Kerala. These traditional outfits are typically worn for functions and festivals like as Onam, Vishu, and others. Keralites dress up in traditional attire for weddings and temple festivities.

Mundu is the traditional dress of men in Kerala. Mundu is regularly worn with a shirt and Jubba. The lower piece of clothing Mundu could be a white cloth wrapped around the midsection. Mundu features a border called Kara which can be of any color. for uncommon events. Mundu can be turned into a half skirt kind of a thing by tucking the lower conclusion into the midriff. Men are inclined toward doing this whereas doing any physical exercises.The upper piece of clothing is called ‘Melmundu’ which is worn like a towel on the shoulders. The white shirt is additionally worn by numerous men these days.

The mundu is a garment that wraps around the lower body. It is similar to the mundu worn by males in Kerala and is worn underneath the navel and around the hips. The neriyathu is an upper-body garment. The neriyathu has one end tucked inside the pavada or slip, while the other end is worn over the fronds.

Kerala traditional attire for women

Mundu neriyathum is traditionally cream or white in color and is made up of two parts with a colored stripe at the border called Kara. The mundu is the piece of cloth that wraps around the lowest article of clothing. It is similar to the mundu worn by males in Kerala and is worn beneath the navel and around the hips. The neriyathu is the piece of cloth used as the uppermost article of clothing. The neriyathu has one end that is tucked inside the pavada or slip and the other end that is worn over the front midsection. The neriyathu is worn over a shirt that reaches just below the breastbone. It is worn diagonally from along the correct hips to the cleared-out bear.

“Pavadayum blousum” means blouse and skirt Is one of the most famous traditional dresses among young Kerala ladies. The dress is very easy and comfortable to wear and that’s made it so popular among the Kerala women

Kerala’s new  traditional dress trend -Salwar suit

Salwar suits for Kerala ladies as a rule comprise of the best called the kameez and the foot called the salwar. Whereas customary, a dupatta was a basic portion of the clothing, in present-day times, it isn’t accepted to be that essential. But with changing patterns, the notorious salwar kameez plans have experienced a few adjustments. Sometimes recently you choose to go shopping, you must know the different sorts of salwar suits accessible within the advertise. We have got a few sorts of suits recorded out for you to select from.

This flexible furnish is culminating for all climates, events, and age bunches. Nowadays, in case you specify salwar kameez to an Indian lady, she’ll have her possess take on it. With advancing mold, salwar kameez plans have too experienced a few changes. They can be joined up with dupattas, shawls, or chunnis. Finding the ideal salwar suit for yourself is presently a chunk of cake.

Engagement dress Kerala men     

Engagement is one of the most important functions among Keralites as well as Keralites give priority to engagement dresses.

Most of the Kerala men used to wear mundu and shirts or sherwani in engagement ceremonies. Also, people used to wear pants and blazers matching with their girl’s attire.

Engagement dress Kerala women

Kanchipuram sarees with brilliant hues and richly embellished borders are worn by Hindu girls for engagement. Gold jewelry, heavy makeup, and flowers are used to complete this appearance.

Christian girls wear gowns or sari for engagement adorned with light jewelry.

Silk sarees with vibrant colors and ornate borders are worn by Muslim girls for engagement. The dupatta is placed on the head to give the overall outfit a classic feel.

Kerala’s traditional wedding dress is almost similar to that.

Most of the Kerala engagement and Kerala reception dresses are very similar to each other. We can shop it from online because nowadays online shopping is the current trend.

Kerala cultural arts traditional costume


Kathakali has the most elaborate attire of the traditional art forms, with extravagant headgear, beautifully colored faces, and face masks. Vesham portrays iconic characters in Kathakali, therefore the artists’ make-up is given special attention for several hours.

Ottan thullal

Ottan thullal , like most Indian performing arts, is influenced by the Natya Shastra In Malayalam, the word Thullal means “to leap” or “to leap about.” A lone performer in Ottan thullal acts and dances while reciting dance (Thullal) while wearing green makeup and a colorful outfit (decorated with a long red and white band and painted wooden ornaments) (lyrics). Each sentence is repeated by a chorus or one or more artists once it is completed. Ottan thullal has recently been staged with a solo female actor and an ensemble cast.

Is the Tamil and Kerala traditional dress the same?

Kerala’s culture and Tamil Nadu’s culture are practically identical. Tamil Nadu dressing is almost identical to Kerala dressing. Kerala and Tamil Nadu have harmony in their dressing

For all traditional activities, traditional Tamil Nadu clothes are well-known. All Indians appreciate Tamil Nadu’s temples and rich culture. Tamilians, in particular, place a high priority on wearing traditional clothing. Lungi is Tamil Nadu’s traditional men’s dress. Another name for it was Dhoti with Angavastram and a shirt. Women dress in traditional saris and blouses. Everyone admired and adored the dress of the Tamil Nadu folks.

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