Top 10 gifts for Kerala Wedding

Top 10 gifts for Kerala Wedding

At weddings, each moment counts and so does each gift. Across cultures, both guests and hosts give a place of importance to gifts during a wedding. If you are looking for a gift for an upcoming wedding, then it is suggested you put some thought into it before buying something for the couple. Though one can always go with the traditional and conventional articles, adding a touch of personalization is a great way to foster relationships and make the gift a memorable one. Especially when it is for a loved one, why make it look like just another gift in the wedding?

Kerala weddings differ from those from other regions as they are slightly low on music and the number of rituals involved. The exchange of gifts is both a part of the wedding celebrations as well as one’s expression of how much they care for each other. When you are a guest at a Malayali couple’s wedding, choosing a perfect gift for them needs to have some thought going into it. The following list is sure to be a starter for your gift shopping. Take a look.

1.     Makeup set

For both men and women, makeup sets are a lovely gift and a personalized one too and there could be no better occasion to receive it than one’s wedding itself. For a combo that has grooming set for both the bride and the groom is a super cool gift to present to your near ones or even friends. The lady’s makeup kit can be a collection of hair products and cosmetics like the kajal, mascara and foundation creams etc. While that of the man may consist of hair gel, body spray and face creams. 

  • Household gifting articles like urali, nilvillakku

There are few brass articles that Keralites believe are auspicious and are ideal for gifting because they are the traditional old symbol of goodness and prosperity. The articles like the Nilavilakku which is the auspicious lamp is often exchanged as a gift during weddings. The Urali is another similar article that adorns the house as a symbol of divinity. These traditional articles from the indigenous culture are a good choice for gifting in a Kerala wedding. Both of these come in various sizes to fit your budget.

3.     Kasavu sari and mundu

Malayalis are fond of the traditional attire- Kasavu sari and mundu and proudly sport them during cultural festivals and also on occasions like a wedding. It is an ever-favorite gift to exchange among Malayalis. Delight your couple with a wonderful set of Kasavu sari and Kasavu Mundu. There is a varied range of this traditional attire that is sure win hearts. While there are the modern collections in Settu Saris, it is suggested that for a wedding, one should go for the traditional and classic designs. 

4.     Kanjeevaram saris

Kanjivaram saris are a symbol of class and elegance and the Malayali woman’s love for the sari is well known. The Kanjivaram saris are considered among the must-haves in an Indian fashionista’s wardrobe. An elegant variety of this sari is an apt gift for a woman especially if it’s her wedding. There are collections ranging from heavy silk to medium at varying prices. 

5.     Figurines and idols

The motifs that represent the divinity are a popular inspiration for art in our culture. In the Kerala household, the representations of Lord Sri Krishna, Ganesha and Shiva can be seen in various idols and figurines. Gifting these articles is considered to be a gesture of love and goodwill. You will find plenty of varieties of these articles but for a Kerala wedding, it suggested that you choose the ones that are indigenous to the place like Sri Krishna, the elephant figures or the Kathakali faces depicted in various colors are a good choice. 

6.     Caricatures

Personalized caricatures are a trendy gift among youngsters. Caricatures of the couple’s pics printed on mugs, T-shirts and even on bed sheets are a wonderful idea for gifting for couples. Giving a theme to the caricature with a popular regional movie will make it even more fun. Humor is mostly the essence of caricature art. You can make your gift even more endearing by making the caricature humorous and catchy. There are caricature designers and printing shops to assist in this kind of gifting.  

7.     Kerala Paintings 

Paintings speak volumes through figures and colors. The Kerala mural paintings, depicting the mythological stories from Lord Sri Krishna’s life and many more are a popular article in gifting. The grander the painting, the better it will be. Go for rich colors and intricate designs and textures in the painting. These paintings are not too heavy on the budget and can be purchased at varying prices. 

8.     Aaranmula Kannadi or Nettur Casket

The richness of the Malayali culture is passed on from generations to generations through articles that, at present, are regarded as no less than antiques. The Aaranmula Kannadi, which is an artistically carved out hand mirror and the Nettur Casket- a box to keep jewelry are both a wonderful gift to present to a newly wedded Malayali couple. Both the articles are made by local artisans for sale. Depending on size and variety, the prices may vary. 

  9. Couple Perfume Set 

Who doesn’t like fragrance and especially when it’s the time of your wedding? Gifting a perfume set for the couple is a wonderful idea. Let the set contain different scents like the jasmine for the bride and woody scent for the groom. The Malayalis have a special liking for flower scents especially the jasmine and it goes perfectly with the occasion of a wedding. 

  1. Ornaments

Women always loved jewelry and nowadays even the men love to sport classy pieces of ornaments over them. Traditional gold jewelry is definitely on the higher side when it comes to prices but there are various other alternatives to consider like imitation jewelry sets that are very much in vogue nowadays. This would be one of the gifts that will bring oodles of happiness on the bride’s face.  A Malayali wedding is steeped in the hues of gold, vermillion and the tunes of the ethereal Shehnai make it a truly heavenly affair. Add to the couple’s immense happiness and celebration with wonderful gifts that they will not only adore but remember in years to come. 

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