Which is Kerala’s traditional dress

The Kerala state features a wealthy history when it comes to craftsmanship and culture. Its conventions, clothing styles, craftsmanship shapes, cuisines, music, and indeed move shapes are affected by its unmistakable culture. Each and each dressing fashion of Kerala exhibits effortlessness and rekindles the wealthy and wonderful conventions of old India. Kerala traditional wear for …

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Nutrition boost therapy- Ayrvastra(Ayruvedic dress/clothes) of Kerala

Food,nutrition and dressing are connected to each other. Kerala is famous for its ayurvedic nutrient therapy and have high cultural significance. Kerala Ayurvedic dresses are very important and are called Ayrvastra(Ayruvedic dress/clothes). The Ayruvedic resorts in Kerala are well known for its nutrient therapy boost. They have special foods and even have a lifestyle associated …

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Mundu Kerala -Men traditional wear

Mundu is the traditional dress of men in Kerala. Mundu is regularly worn with shirt and jubba.

The lower piece of clothing Mundu could be a white cloth wrapped around the midsection.

Mundu features a border called Kara which can be of any colour, for the most part brilliant.


For a woman her marriage is as important as her job and family. The saree she choose on her wedding day will help her to be the most beautiful and confident bride . Nowadays the saree design has changed a lot from the design in the past. Usually bride choose wedding sarees in Kanchipuram, silk, material . Most of the girls usually choose red and its variants for the wedding saree. But the thought process of wedding saree color and design started to change. Bridal sarees in many colours and designs are available in the market . Some of them are.

Mundum Neriyathum -


Kerala traditional mundum neriyathum used to worn by kerala ladies as their occational cloathing. It is one of the and conventional clothing for ladies, and We can also call it the antiquated form of saree.

Kerala Dress Masks Trends

Maintaining well being masks through stressful times in Kerala

In Kerala right now mask is very important for well being and are very trendy and match for traditional dresses. However sound anticipation strategy due to widespread pandemic situations have made Kerala noticeable in first wave. The world is wearing them and so is Kerala wearing trending masks, outwardly, for protection against infections. Whereas the …

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