Settu Saree With Trendy Blouses

Spice Up Your Settu Saree With These Trendy Blouses

Sarees and blouses are practically incomplete without each other. However, matching a blouse with a saree isn’t all about just matching the color. It’s the fabric and the style that should work in tandem to create the impeccable look.

Confused about choosing the right style of blouse for your latest Kerala Kasavu saree? Read on to know the varieties and trends and how to match it with your saree.

Here are the top ten styles in blouses to try out this season-

Cold Shoulder Blouses

While cold shoulder is a trend in everything from shirts to bridal wears, it is now catching up with the settu saree as well. Plain cold shoulder blouses with embroidery work go well with the Kerala Kasavu saree. However, it is noted that as usually the trends come in heavy silk fabrics, teaming it with simple cotton fabrics would look like a mismatch. Hence, choosing a silk based settu saree to go with the blouse would be a better idea.

Blouses with Indian Prints

Kalamkari prints are highly popular among the Indian wears like Kurtas and blouses. Now the trend is getting popular with the settu saree as well. But the thing about such designs and fabrics is because of the soberness of the look, it cannot be worn for functions and you will also have limited choices in jewelries to match with the look. Though any plain color saree goes well with Kalamkari designs, it imparts a trendy and contemporary look to the settu saree. With the cotton Kalamkari blouses, don the cotton settu saree, pleat the pallu neatly and sport earthy matching jewelry to complete the look.

High neck designs and boat necks

Not just prints, but the cuts and fits are also being experimented with. In formal as well as casual dressing with saree, try high necks, colors, boat necks, v necks and much more to look trendy. Different varieties of boat necks are in trend these days with both cotton and other materials. Spice up the saree for a trendy look at the office by experimenting with the high or stand collar blouses.


Women love brocades! Though brocade prints are not as much in vogue as they were few years back, yet a basic colored brocade blouse that goes with almost all the plain sarees in the wardrobe is a woman’s best friend.  Be it cotton or silk set saree, dark colored brocade is always in trend and you don’t have to think too much about the set of jewelry to match this look. 

Experiment with Sleeveless ones

Whether your blouse is silk or cotton in fabric, experimenting with sleeves adds the right amount of spice to the set saree. Try v neck sleeveless blouse in basic colors, make the brocade even more loveable with the sleeveless cut, match the broad neck design with the sleeveless and many more varieties for a fresh look. Though three- fourth sleeves are the hot favorite these days, full sleeves are also in trend especially with the silk version of the saree. Puff sleeves are a good idea if you want to don the traditional yet girly look.


Though velvet isn’t a very “cool” thing to wear in South India, thanks to the elegance the fabric brings with it, it’s popularity is never dying. Short sleeved velvet blouses with embellishments of beads, patch works and many other varieties add the extra elegance to the Kerala Kasavu saree. If you are not fond of wearing velvet fabric entirely, try semi velvet ones with a different fabric on the sleeves.

Printed cotton

Though Kalamkari is the most popular among cotton blouses, there are other varieties that impart a contemporary feel to plain sarees. You can opt for small prints like geometric prints, Buddha symbols, elephant prints and other Indian prints. Even stripes, block and Baltic prints are in the vogue these days. This style is recommended for the college day functions where you love to sport the breezy style. Complete the look with funky and oxidized jewelry.

Embroidered and embellished blouses

The evergreen golden blouse is always the first choice for a set saree. Now the conventional blouse is getting its makeover with patch works, embellishments and beads. Even the other conventional colors like the green and red get the twist with beaded bordered and the prints. These are best suited for family or community functions but better avoid them at offices.

Plain full sleeves

Keep your silk set saree simple and elegant with plain basic color full sleeve blouses. In this style, you can wear velvet fabric, small thread works and patchy end of the sleeve. Tie your hair in neat bun with jasmine flowers to make the look even more gorgeous. This one is recommended for formal occasion like an ethnic day at the workplace.

The Knotted ones

The knot style for blouses is here to stay. This is one is among a few trends in blouse designs that has evolved over the years but has never really gone out of fashion. With an elegant knot design, turn the boring blouse into a stylish one. Though the bow style low neck designs are much popular, with settu saree, it is not a recommended style. To make your settu saree blouse even more elegant, add a knot and hangings at the top of the neck and see how trendy it becomes. Knots, when added to the cotton blouses, imparts a contemporary look to the settu saree while with the silk and velvet fabric, it imparts an elegant and party look.

Choose a blouse that complements your saree and matches the occasion. Keep in mind not just your style preference but also your body type to sport the right blouse.

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