Make Your Kerala Dressing Stylish With These Accessorizing Tips

Make Your Kerala Dressing Stylish With These Accessorizing(accessories) Tips

Are accessories meant only for celebrity fashionistas? The importance of accessories is often overlooked by the commoners whereas fashion experts have always touted accessories as a very crucial aspect of dressing that make or mar your style.

Using the right accessory with your dress, you can create the look you want.  You can turn your settu sari grandiose, simple, elegant and even contemporary with the help of the right accessories.  Accessories for Kerala settu sari complete the look and lets you stay very much in trend. It is suggested that one should plan the look in advance and use the best suitable pieces of accessories to get the desired effect. As the wise ones say- Beauty is in the details!

In traditional dressing, accessories are often the “wow” factor. So is the case with Kerala Saris as well. Your dressing up for the occasion isn’t over by just draping the settu sari. To impart a well put together look, you should sport the right accessory as well. Though experimenting with Settu sari is the “in thing” specially among youngsters, the traditional attire has few recommended accessories that enhances it’s grace. However, that doesn’t mean you need to expand your budget. Now-a-days, you have plenty of options to pick the right ones without exhausting your pockets.

As in the case of any attire, Kerala Kasavu sari also looks best when the details in the look are enhanced and what better way to do it then putting your best accessory forward! Your look with the set sari/traditional look is basically an ensemble in which both the attire and the accessory play an important role.

We have listed out the best ways to complete your look and to stay in style.

Hair Accessories

You hair is perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of your look and when it comes to traditional dressing, it becomes the defining factor. You can surely leave them open as well but imagine the kind of gorgeous effect you can get when you do your hair the traditional way. Wearing Gajra over a neat bun and matching the look with traditional ornaments like gold is the ultimate look you can get. It’s the hair style which will make your look formal or semi formal or just casual. Matching the color of your accessories with the set sari is the best. Now-a-days, hair clips in temple jewelry designs are much popular. So if you are wearing gold ornaments especially in the temple collection, you can try out these clips to add coherence in your style.


While there is no denying that your hair catches all the attention after your dress, jewelry pieces are inseparable and are often a conversation starter among women. With the set sari, traditional Malayali gold designs like the Kaashmala, Palakkya and others are popular. Usually the round ones covering the collar bones are a good choice on traditional versions of the sari. Mid length necklaces also add lots of grace to the sari. The ones to avoid on a set sari are the chokers and long necklaces which rarely complement the sari.

So, that was about the traditional jewelry. As now-a-days, settu saris are in for experiments, oxidized and multi colored jewelries are in fashion as well. If you are dressing up for the ethnic day in your college or at the work place, Gold is not something you would prefer for accessorizing your look. The best choice for the right spark in your look is oxidized jewelry like the necklaces without pendants and Jhumkas. Complement them with chunky bangles and bracelets. You can also adorn your fingers with the matching color big stone or metal rings that are sure to catch everyone’s attention.


Indian attires are incomplete without the Bindi and that’s one fact all Indian women would agree to. Just the same way, the Malayali woman love the Bindi adorning their foreheads. Though there are Bindis of multiple shapes, the beauty of the plain round ones is unmatched. A plain round Bindi complements all types of settu sari. If you want a Bindi matching the bling in your ornament, go ahead with the stone and bead ones. If you are opting for a casual blouse, wearing embellished Bindi will be rather inappropriate. When the Bindi is the same colour as the blouse and the other accessories, your entire look will be completely in sync.

 Hand Bag

Though there is no one style in hand bag that matches with Set Sari, one should be vary of using few varieties like the denim bags. Be it college functions or Indian festivals, the set sari is complemented by semi formal bags with a tinge of Indian designs. Potli bags and Jholas go well with the contemporary look. With the traditional version of the set sari, embellished potlis and clutches are complementary.


In a sari, one might overlook the importance of a matching footwear. But that’s a fashion mistake. Footwear are equally important to impart the completeness to your look. Embellished formal Chappals and semi juttis are best suited for saris. If you are fond of heels, then you have to be a bit more careful while wearing a sari. Saris have to be worn with the heels on so that the height is balanced. Any kind of shoes or even sandals are not recommended on the set sari. Wedge heels chappals are complementary to the sari.

The Extras

Those who are fond of accessorizing their sari can try a matching brooch with the sari. Though brooches aren’t very south Indian in nature, but a matching one will not look odd.

You can also try embellishing your hair bun with a couple of rose flowers to stand out from the crowd.

When you have the color in the blouse and accessories coordinated, you look well in sync. That’s the look every lady wants to achieve with the set sari. Add a little thought while choosing the right color and style in accessories to make the ever gorgeous set sari enhance your beauty.

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