Nowadays Kerala traditional bridal saree design has changed a lot from the design in the past. Usually bride choose wedding sarees in Kanchipuram, silk, material.


Kerala Traditional Bridal Saree (Orange)

Orange is a beautiful color that you can choose for your wedding saree. The combination of orange and gold silk saree should be the best combo on you, In orange traditional bridal saree the photographs will look amazing. If you are wearing contrast blouse, that will be cherry on the cake. Dark green blouse will be a contrast combo for orange colour saree.

Kerala Traditional Bridal Saree (Violet & Purple)

If you want your saree in a darker shade, you can opt for a violet or purple silk saree that catches your eye. Heavy-duty violet saree certainly looks mesmerizing. Use a contrast blouse to complete the look. For purple/violet saree  green or orange blouse will be a sparkling combo.


Kerala Traditional Bridal Saree (Red)

Most of the Kerala bride tent to select red colour saree. The variety of red which are chilly red, wine red ,crimson red ,apple red and so many will help them to bring  their beauty in the photos.  Red is also a wonderful colour to set the bride apart from the crowd. The red silk saree, especially when it has a gold border, is beautiful and attractive. Gold jewellery, bright red lips, and a smile are all needed to compliment the look.

Kerala Traditional Bridal Saree (Blue)

Blue may be a idealize colour in case you choose to be different. Blue silk sarees are wonderful and alluring. Always go with gold and silver-coloured themes for blue silk sarees.

Kerala Traditional Bridal Saree (Pink)

The young ladies see cheerful and ravishing in pink. Pink is the favourite colour of most of the women out there So, in the event that you want to see youthful and lovely, you’ll select this excellent colour. Pink sarees with gold border are culminate for wedding occasions. This colour compliments all skin tones and is one of the most excellent bridal saree colours.

Kerala Traditional Bridal Saree (Yellow)

All bride is as sparkling as a sun wearing yellow. It is the colour of motivation and charm. Yellow silk sarees make brides see exquisite. You’ll need yellow silk saree with separating colour borders and pullovers. You can use contrast blouse to look different. The antique ornaments will give the saree a traditional princess look.

Kerala Traditional Bridal Saree (Golden)

Gold is the colour you need to see completely staggering on your wedding day. Overwhelming gold Kanchipuram silk sarees are out of this world. They see excellent when played with overwhelming sanctuary decorations and sparkle cosmetics. If you are choosing golden saree for your wedding day you will shine like a diamond.

Multi color saree

On the off chance that you’re befuddled almost not choosing a colour, here’s a arrangement for you. You are doing not got to select a colour! you can wear a saree with different colour combinations. These days a multi colour sarees are   trend and you’ll make a idealize bride in such a saree.



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