Kerala Lungi | Mundu for various occasions

In Kerala, the Kerala Lungi | Mundu is one of the domestically popular wear, the colorful design and usability in with different color are worn by men and women in Kerala.

Kerala Lungi | Mundu design and occasions:

Kerala Lungi | Mundu is one type of mundu , most of the men and women in Kerala wear them at home and work. Kerala Lungi | Mundu is also known as Kaili. Kerala Lungi | Mundu are particularly worn in hot localities. Kerala Lungi | Mundu’s are cheaper than other dresses and can be worn Easily and need not have any particular measurements. The standard grown-up Kerala Lungi | Mundu is 115-120 centimeters in tallness and 200-210 cm in length, when it is open.

Kerala lungi’s are regularly woven from cotton and come in different of design and colors.

Silk lungi’s are utilized for ceremonial purposes such as weddings. The foremost common styles are solid-colored and plaid, reflecting the relative ease and cost-effectiveness of creating these designs on a control linger.

 Blue is especially prevalent, since it blurs to wonderful tones in differentiate to other colors. Notwithstanding of the design or color, Lungi | Mundus are regularly lined at the best and foot with a black/white stripe containing fortified weaving to avoid fraying.

Kerala Lungi | Mundu is famous among?

In Kerala Physical labourers ordinarily utilize it as a working dress. Lungi | Mundu being pulled up and tied back on to the abdomen. This would be same as that of mundu.

To a great extent seen as a Lungi | Mundu is one of the famous dress among working class people, the Lungi | Mundu is broadly worn by individuals extending from and Merchants to, auto drivers, coolie workers fisherman in Kerala as their working dress.

In Muslim communities’ old women used to wear Lungi | Mundu as domestic wear. Also, in Malayalam movies the Most of the old Muslim ladies are worn Lungi | Mundu for their character fulfilment.

Kaili(Kaili Mundu)

In kerala most of the people use the name kaili or Kaili mundu to describe Lungi | Mundu. The labour’s among Kerala used to wear kaili . Kaili is one of that outfit which helps the worker to do their job freely.

Kaili (Lungi | Mundu) is available in different design, colour and material.From check designed Kaili ( Lungi | Mundu) to flower design Lungi | Mundu variety is numerous.

The length of the Kaili (Lungi | Mundu )is as same a mundu. Like 2-2.5 Meter and the Width is 4 Meter.

Lungi | Mundu In Malayalam movies

Numerous a time, Malayalam movies have made patterns for Lungi | Mundus in Kerala.

In Old of Malayalam movies 60’-70 s used Check designer Lungi | Mundu played vital part of formation of character in particular culture.

 The dark Lungi | Mundu with a brilliant border propelled by most of the movies in the era of 2000-2010 .

The diverse Lungi | Mundu propelled actors among new generation , Lungi | Mundu have broken the ‘proletariat’ tag to gotten to be stylish wear for youth.

The next famous remarkable Lungi | Mundu is the two-fold colored Lungi | Mundu drift propelled in cinema has impacted Lungi | Mundu design in Kerala campuses over the years.

Lungi | Mundu is one of the important items found in the wardrobe of Kerala clothing.

Other Indian states where Lungi | Mundu is famous for?

Kerala Lungi | Mundus are moreover unmistakable from their partners in other states for their dynamic hues.

In Tamilnadu,Karnataka,Andhra pradesh and Telangana people are used to wear Lungi | Mundu at home and working places.

Lungi | Mundu is very common dress among all over south India. More over Lungi | Mundu is one of the very comfortable dress people can pull out while doing their home and labour activities.

Punjab is one among the state followed by other south india who are promoting Lungi | Mundu tradition, In Punjab both male and female used to wear Lungi | Mundu. The male Lungi | Mundu is commonly called as tehmat and female Lungi | Mundu as lacha. They are portion of conventional move clothing in Bhangra move, but are moreover prevalent in rustic zones as domestic wear. They are for the most part tied in a distinctive way than in other parts of India and are, as a run the show, unstitched and exceptionally colourful. Wearing the Lungi | Mundu has declined within the Punjab locale in later a long time.

Odisha, Haryana, West bengal and Bihar are other states who promoted Lungi | Mundu culture for domestic use.

Lungi | Mundu in other countries

  • Within the Sultanate of Oman, Lungi | Mundu  is worn in all districts by men and is recognized as an underwear to the conventional Omani “dishdasha”.
  •  In Maldives Lungi | Mundu is commonly known as mundu. And the usage is very similar to Kerala culture.
  • In Bangladesh it is one of the common outfit of men. The Lungi | Mundu material is tartan cotton. But few years ago, in Dhakka there was a Lungi | Mundu ban happened and people done a march to oppose the ban.
  • Among Thailand people Lungi | Mundu popularly known as “pa ko mag” for men and “Patong “for ladies.
  • In Myanmar Lungi | Mundu is spelt as longyi and Paso. And it is diverse texture, counting cotton and silk, are worn for both casual and formal events.
  • Moreover, Lungi | Mundu is one of universal dress among people in different culture.


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