Ideas For Hair Styles with Kerala Traditional Dresses

Ideas For Hair Styles with Kerala Traditional Dresses

Isn’t  hair style a very important part of your look in both traditional and western wears? Especially when it comes to traditional attire, your hair do speaks volumes about your personal style. When you put efforts in getting the right hair do, the hair style complements the basic look you try to achieve. On the contrary, there are occasions when you feel your look is left incomplete because the hair do isn’t good enough. When it comes to the traditional Kerala wear like the set saree, there are a number of hairstyles you can choose to create the perfect look just like those Instagram celebs you admire. Take a look at the best and most in trend hair styles to go with your Kerala traditional sarees and the set saree.

1.     Neat bun with jasmine flowers

Bun, or Jooda (in Hindi), is a popular hair do in Indian traditional dressing specially saris. In the weddings, this is the style that women love to adorn with all kinds of traditional sarees. With the Kerala set saree, the jasmine/mogra flowers are beautifully pinned around the bun and this is undoubtedly a signature style among the ladies.  Many of the popular celebs in both South and Bollywood industry endorse this popular and traditional hair style on many occasions making it a trending one in all seasons.

For this look, one can try side or middle parting the hair. You can also use small embellishments available in the fancy stores or keep the hair plain and simple.

2.     Half pony tail with/without flowers

The most convenient look among the malayali ladies is the half pony tail hairdo which is not just conventional but a safe style when you don’t have time to do much with your hair. This also works when you want to keep your style understated and simple to suit the occasion. This one is suitable for a cultural event at the work place or the college. To add the extra touch of tradition, use jasmine flowers in an understated way. With fancy clutcher clips, this look is mostly the “go to look” for any occasion. Though it will go with any kind of set saree, it is better to avoid sporting this style too often lest it looks boring.

3.     Loose Braid

All girls love braiding their hair and it’s an ever loveable look. Now-a- days, one side braid is combined well with western looks, but it complements the traditional Indian wears the best. The bridal braid is a hot favorite look in the South. With the bridal version of the Set saree, this look is the most popular. Even if it’s not your own wedding, the set saree can be teamed up with a gorgeous braided hair do to impart a classy look. Make sure you braid the hair loosely yet elegantly to make it look trendy. Both middle and side parting go with this look. Try minimal embellishment between the braids which are in style now-a-days.

4.     French Braid

French braids are mistaken to be suitable only for thick hair. But even with thin hair, the style imparts an unmatched elegance. Even for hair length just below the shoulder, French braids are a fresh hair style to try out. There are semi or full French braids to try that go very well with traditional and contemporary designs of set saree. If you love embellishments, there are plenty to try out that would suit your style. If you are bored of sporting the same boring braids, then try matching embellishment to add a pinch of excitement to your look.

5.     Mang teeka look

If you thought you can sport a mang teeka only on your own wedding, then you need to think again. Now-a- days mang teekas can be teamed up with set sarees with an appropriate hair do to glamorize your look further. A small mang teeka with a complementary hair do is an in thing for bride’s maids at the weddings. For obvious reasons, this is not a look that’s recommended for your office traditional day.

6.     Puffed Hair

On all the bad hair days, the puffed style is the savior for the ladies. However for the formal occasions, this one quite is popular and versatile as it can be matched with the mang teeka or the gajra look or even with braids. For your special day with the set sari, with the puff, you can create formal or semi formal looks. Take extra care to use the right puff and hair pins to avoid tangling. Also, keep at hand hair softeners to avoid breaking of hair because of the pins.

7.     Soft and low curls

The right curls are every girl’s desire. But not everybody is gifting with the curls that they want to flaunt. Though the Malayali hair texture is typically curly, when you want to sport fresh and trendy look with your set saree, try out styling your hair with different types of curls. With the home styling gadgets, you can now get the curls you desire. Soft and low curls are best suited for formal occasions. You can experiment with curls like the textured curls and half puff and curls. Curls make hair looks voluminous and lively.

8.     Experiment with curls and buns

Though you can stick to the conventional options, you can also add your personal touch to them by experimenting with looks like buns and braids. Combine braid with bun, curls with bun or adorn your bun with a different flower other than jasmine. Tweaking your bun with a fresh rose flower on the side is also an in trend hair do. Now-a-days, chick swept bun and sleek low buns have been made popular by celebrities.  Sleek low bun with middles parting is in trend in the formal looks.

Hair styles are important for giving the extra edge to the traditional sari. Choosing your hair embellishment matching with the shades in the sari is a great idea for showing your eye for details. Break the monotony of the set sari by experimenting with trendy hair styles and hair accessories.

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