Food intolerance testing – is it worth it in Kerala

Kerala traditional food is one of the vibrant and tasty foods. However many tourists maybe allergic to certain foods and very concerned about their intolerance and also would like to take a test.

Taking intolerance test will help understand, if you have any allergies towards any class of regular food. However Kerala traditional foods consists of very less processed foods and most are even dairy free as they depend on Coconut Milk to prepare food. There are medications for preventing food allergies if it gets severe and can trigger severe allergic reaction, however very rarely reported.

The intolerance to food also can be avoided to certain extend when taking traditional Ayurvedic treatment or going through health and wellness lifestyle. The Kerala Ayurvedic centers also provides Ayurvastra to people who maybe intolerant to dress and certain foods as per the routine of well being treatment.

Few individuals have nourishment intolerance to Kerala Traditional foods. Lactose is mainly used in tea, the foremost common particular nourishment bigotry, influences most of the Keralites. However coconut milk is mainly used in variety of traditional dishes and Ghee(clarified butter) is mainly used in traditional food than butter.

The spicy foods can sometimes people sweat more while having them. The clothes while enjoying a feast is are cotton and can aid in helping with the climate. Clothing are designed to be slightly loose fit in Kerala culture so that it wont cause skin issues.

Rarely are some unnatural colors used in traditional dresses of Kerala using chemicals. The traditional dress such as mundu, Saree is one of the regular dresses for those Malayali which also prevents food intolerance issue to an extend.

Those people have intolerance issue may prefer smooth natural cotton fabrics and Kerala’s own ayurvedic “ayurvastra” which is one of the best dresses worn for the skin. Cotton and silk is very opposite from each other , while wearing cotton is helps soak sweat and silk is kind of warm both are light.

Also “Ayurvastra” is a natural cloth which made up based on the Ayurvedic rule that standard contact with a cloth made from the yarns permeated with normal herbs and therapeutic plant extract will alleviate metabolic disarrange and strings a cutting-edge line of strong living. Which will be helpful to fight with skin allergy which will happen due to food and skin intolerance.

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